A Day at Brooklyn Cat Cafe

I’m definitely a cat person. I’m trying to take care of all animals. Unfortunately, we have many stray animals in my hometown. I feed and play with them when I go for a walk. They love belly rubs although they are shy. But all in animal world I feel most close to cats.

I adopted a little stray cat five and half years ago. I found her in front of our apartment. She was so tiny, wet, sick and looks so poor. We took her our apartment and the next day went to vet. She stayed there almost two months. On weekends we took her to our house and got used to spent time together. After two moths we couldn’t put her out on the street and she’s been a part of our family since that time. I love her more than everything. She taught me unconditional love and she is the symbol of pure love.

One of the hardest part of living in New York was there was no cats or dogs on streets and if you grew with them it is so tough. At my school, we had a social program to discover city and socialize with other students. I saw a program about going to Brooklyn Cat Cafe. It was one of the most interesting activity for my life cause’ we don’t have that kind of cafes in my country. I was so impatient to see the cats and play them.

I had very moments of happiness. I played with, patted and feed them and spent a very high quality hour. Cats looked very healthy and happy. They were well-looked after. If you are ready for adoption as a material and mentally, I highly recommend it. You’ll save one life, you’ll experience pure friendship and you’ll be more sensible of other animals.

Moving to New York City

If you ask me what’s the hardest thing to decide studying or living abroad was leaving my dad and my cat behind me. Until that time we had never been apart from each other. I think, especially after a certain age It’s getting hard. I was lucky cause’ my sister got married, found a job and moved to New York too so I wouldn’t feel alone or incomplete.

Firstly, I found a company to receive consultancy service. The company that name is ‘Kep Yurtdışı Eğitim Danışmanlığı’ my friend recommended was so good. I was so lucky because they helped me a lot! They did everything for me. As you guess, I was so stressed and frightened. The situation that I was in made me confused. I didn’t know how to manage my documents or other things. I highly recommended that company if you’re thinking go abroad and currently living in Turkey. Moreover, If you’ve a trouble doing something under stress as me It was nice to give a control to someone who you trust. Pelin is the owner of consultancy agency. She is so friendly and kind. We had many many conversations to find best course to fit me. Finally we choose St. Giles International Language School.

I went to New York in two or three weeks after decided to school. I stayed at my sister’s house for the first two weeks and in the meantime she was searching a room from some rent websites and found me the best room in terms of location and home owner. It was just one street away from my sister’s house.

I shared one flat with my three roommates. It was the cleanest house that I’ve ever seen in Nyc as a rental house thanks to my home owner. She is from same country as me so when we saw each other always had a nice conversations about Nyc, Istanbul or same things that we experienced in Nyc. Sometimes her mom gave me yummy Turkish food such as içli köfte (kibbeh) , börek, kısır salatası etc. Also, I had great roommates too. When we met in the kitchen we had great chat.

From my home owner’s mom’s delicious içli köfte/kibbeh

One week a month, one person in that flat had to clean all flat including kitchen, toilet and hallway (I guess it makes sence why it was the cleanest house lol). Also throwing the trash too. It was a little tough to remember which product going to which bin for me. Cause’ in my country unfortunately we don’t have different bins to waste at our home.

But in every way it was very useful experiences to improve my self-improvement. I’ve learnt living alone, sharing my places to others, taking responsibilities, trusting people, dealing with problems by myself. And in two moths I almost got used to everything I mean the New York City lifestyle as a new New Yorker. Nothing surprised me anymore haha.

First night at home

I really miss this days. One and almost half year, I spent my most time in a tiny room. I had four or five plates, three pots, two glasses, don’t have any washer at home had to go to laundry but what I’ve learnt is content with less. I don’t need to have tons of objects to feel happy or complete. I understood less is more. Also while observing having different background people’s life, I asked myself what is life quality? Having luxury things or having inner peace. Which one gives me that? And that was the most important lesson for me for rest of my life.

Love at first sight

I have different perspectives on New York. One is as a tourist other one is as a New Yorker. Both sides have pros and cons for sure. In 2017, It was my first trip to New York with my family as a tourist. I was extremely excited. As every human being, I’ve watched tons of movies and heard stories about New York. Besides If we wanna learn anything you know, connecting to your dreams is just one click away.

Before I visited New York, I did’t have any idea about living there. But after spending one hour, deep down inside I know that I’d live there. I don’t know why I’ve always had deep connection to this city. Maybe cause I grew up with American culture, movies, songs etc. When I saw the shiny buildings, variety of restaurants, green parks, tall trees, stylish people on streets I fell in love with them. Also, I had a sign. Last week, while I was cleaning my desk I found my high school folder and on the front side of it was covered with New York pictures! I think I had been planing moving to Nyc for a very very long time haha.

Anyway, It wasn’t an easy decision leave my career, family, friends or habits behind but if I hadn’t done it at that moment, I would never been able to do it again. So, my first trip was very successful. I’ll share a few photos that hit me at first sight and to made my decision easier. If you are not convinced pls look at the first photo of me, my happiness (I still need botox lol).

PS: I’m just curious about have u ever loved any cities or places at first sight? if yes Pls comment which place/city it is.

Welcome to my place

Hi there. I don’t know how to start writing but here I am. My name is Meric. Marych is a nickname I got when I was a middle school student. That name reminds me my childhood, pure love, friendship and more. I’ve always been passionate about writing. In 1998, my uncle bought me diary book and since that time I’ve been writing it by periodically.

3 years ago, I felt like I was stuck under a rock and a hard place. My head was full of thoughts. I made a big decision for my life. I stepped aside my job, packed my bags and moved to New York City! I didn’t have big dreams about what I had to do such as finding a good job or etc. I just wanted to take a breath, meet new people, discovering new cultures and finding my self.

A year ago, I had to return my home town ( It’s another topic to share) but firstly I wanna share my experiences on this road in order to guide others. I know, making these kind of decisions have serious paths but it is far from impossible. Life is too short for waiting something to happen. Here is finally my way. Welcome to my page.