Welcome to my place

Hi there. I don't know how to start writing but here I am. My name is Meric. Marych is a nickname I got when I was a middle school student. That name reminds me of my childhood, pure love, friendship, and more. I've always been passionate about writing. In 1998, my uncle bought me a… Continue reading Welcome to my place

The Best Italian Food I’ve Ever Eaten!

I'm so excited about writing this post because that restaurant is my favorite Italian- Sicilian Restaurant in Manhattan that name is Piccola Cucina, located in Prince St. SoHo. While I was searching for details about it I've learned it was permanently closed (saw on google Maps need to check) but they have other options located… Continue reading The Best Italian Food I’ve Ever Eaten!

Things that I love about New York City

PART 1 While I've been in quarantine for 7 days in Turkey due to the coronavirus pandemic explosion and have to be in until 17 May, I am writing this post with full of longing to Nyc. At first, I decided to write things that I love and hate about New York. But after, the… Continue reading Things that I love about New York City