Things that I love about New York City


While I’ve been in quarantine for 7 days in Turkey due to the coronavirus pandemic explosion and have to be in until 17 May, I am writing this post with full of longing to Nyc. At first, I decided to write things that I love and hate about New York. But after, the word “hate” has intense meanings more than what I wanted to explain. For me, to hate something must have hurt you. So, let’s look at the bright side like Pollyanna and talk about good things. This article gonna be the first one, I’ll continue to write the second and maybe the third one too. Also, I may tell you my stories about flying cockroaches later lol.

Unlimited Choices of Food

As a foodie person, I’ve tried different tastes as much as I can do. When you think you were a student and you didn’t have any income (except my dad thanks to him) and have to pay tax it forced me a little bit. If you wanna drink the cheapest and most delicious coffee pls go to Dunkin Donuts from 2 pm. to 4 pm. Medium size latte was just 2 dollars but I have no idea about it now. Thank you Dunkin for this perfect experience haha. I’ll give more details about where to go to eat but to sum up you can find all kitchens to fit your taste. The diversity of people in New York is a chance to find various cuisines. My favorite ones are Italian, French, Mexican, and American (the best hamburger I’ve ever eaten).


Diversity of People

As I said in my previous context, the diversity of people means a lot to me. Just imagine sitting around a table with people who came from Japan, Turkey, Italian, or anywhere in the world. I think it is just possible in New York City. You have a chance to meet people who have different cultures and backgrounds and at some point, you can find a common goal with them. As getting know various cultures, you begin to understand people and what’s happening in those countries. For instance, one of my best friends is from Japan and Brazil. I know that I’ve never had met them if I continue to live in my country. If libraries are open in Nyc I highly recommended going there and joining the speaking classes as much as you can do. I usually went to New York Public Library and St. Agnes. If you need help to have a citizenship interview, they have English-speaking classes too and the best part is all free.

Note wall at NYPL from all around the World

P.S.: Lastly, You’ll learn the man is a man everywhere in the world haha.

Free Things to Do A Lot! Museums, Art, Parks and More…

Visiting museums, going to parks and having fun with people. All of them are free in New York City. If you search on the internet or social media (whichever you use to search) you can reach the information about free days for museums. It could be a little bit crowded and need to wait in a long line but you can make the most of it and socialize with people. Free Friday MoMa nights were my fav. Even though it was free, there was not much crowded I mean you could see artworks easily.

Free Fridays at MoMa

Almost everybody’s favorite park is Central Park. Of course, it is amazing to me too. It is the biggest park in the city I’ve ever seen but mine is Bryant Park. It might be it was me on the way to school.

And all, During the winter season you’re able to ice skate and all during the summertime you’re able to have sunbathing, having a picnic, watching concerts and street artists and more. Location is very easy to go everywhere, plus next to 7 train what more could one ask for? Simplicity, the center of the city, entertainment to me!

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