I’m definitely a cat person. I’m trying to take care of all animals. Unfortunately, we have many stray animals in my hometown. I feed and play with them when I go for a walk. They love belly rubs although they are shy. But all in animal world I feel most close to cats.

I adopted a little stray cat five and half years ago. I found her in front of our apartment. She was so tiny, wet, sick and looks so poor. We took her our apartment and the next day went to vet. She stayed there almost two months. On weekends we took her to our house and got used to spent time together. After two moths we couldn’t put her out on the street and she’s been a part of our family since that time. I love her more than everything. She taught me unconditional love and she is the symbol of pure love.

One of the hardest part of living in New York was there was no cats or dogs on streets and if you grew with them it is so tough. At my school, we had a social program to discover city and socialize with other students. I saw a program about going to Brooklyn Cat Cafe. It was one of the most interesting activity for my life cause’ we don’t have that kind of cafes in my country. I was so impatient to see the cats and play them.

I had very moments of happiness. I played with, patted and feed them and spent a very high quality hour. Cats looked very healthy and happy. They were well-looked after. If you are ready for adoption as a material and mentally, I highly recommend it. You’ll save one life, you’ll experience pure friendship and you’ll be more sensible of other animals.

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