Hi there. I don’t know how to start writing but here I am. My name is Meric. Marych is a nickname I got when I was a middle school student. That name reminds me my childhood, pure love, friendship and more. I’ve always been passionate about writing. In 1998, my uncle bought me diary book and since that time I’ve been writing it by periodically.

3 years ago, I felt like I was stuck under a rock and a hard place. My head was full of thoughts. I made a big decision for my life. I stepped aside my job, packed my bags and moved to New York City! I didn’t have big dreams about what I had to do such as finding a good job or etc. I just wanted to take a breath, meet new people, discovering new cultures and finding my self.

A year ago, I had to return my home town ( It’s another topic to share) but firstly I wanna share my experiences on this road in order to guide others. I know, making these kind of decisions have serious paths but it is far from impossible. Life is too short for waiting something to happen. Here is finally my way. Welcome to my page.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to my place

  1. Dear Mary h,

    This is awsome!!!… I live to read your experiences about New York!

    Love you!!


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